Tikha Mitha Sub Kuch Aacha

About Bikaner Sweets & Snacks

Bikaner Shop Nerul LP

In India sweets have this lovely association with happiness or good news. We share good news with sweets, we celebrate happiness with sweets. It is a kind of token for happiness for us.

When it comes to Namkeen, then again India connects them with hospitality and we love to serve these delights to our guests. Every city every town of India has a special variety or what you can term as the specialty. Bikaner sweets and snacks is proud to carry this legacy of Bikaneri sweets made by Bikaneri hands. We are the carriers of this taste legacy of royal family which is making us proud from generations now. It is the same royal making and taste packaged in international standard packaging.

It is the same taste to attract your taste buds and as an addition to it we have introduced some innovative techniques of the west to make them more hygienic and healthy. But there is one thing that we can never compromise on this is the royal way of making it, we tried and kept all those ingredients and elements intact while designing sweets for generation next.